The Art of Schoolwide Enrichment

By Nora G. Friedman, Ed.D., and Michele Webb, Authors

The Art of Schoolwide EnrichmentNora Friedman and Michele Webb provide helpful, hands-on tips for bringing the Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM) to life in your school with The Art of Schoolwide Enrichment. Readers learn how to create a schedule that includes a weekly time for enrichment learning experiences, as well as ideas for injecting interest-based experiences into the regular curriculum, test-prep activities, and the entire school.

Many reproducible handouts and forms included in the appendices are available by clicking the links below. (Note: These handouts are available here for single classroom use only. Please visit our copyright permissions page to learn more about our copyright policies.)

Additional Resources on SEM and Enrichment Clusters

Resources for Enrichment Clusters

Samples Brochures

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Resources for an SEM Graduation

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