Authors: Ariel Baska, Joyce VanTassel-Baska, Ed.D.
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ISBN: 9781618210913
Pages: 272
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Designed to help teachers of English and gifted learners explore the world of the ancient Romans, Ancient Roots and Ruins focuses on the important role of the Romans in shaping modern language, history, and culture. Short papers highlight and introduce Roman contributions in the areas of language, philosophy and religion, literature, art and architecture, and history, law, and government. Lessons and concepts within the book are designed to be interdisciplinary. Organized around the Integrated Curriculum Model, each unit focuses on a major concept, with essential questions, introductory materials, lessons, activities, and resources. The five major units covered are Time, Space, Power, Innovation, and Expression, each with supporting materials on Latin vocabulary, Roman daily life, Latin expressions, mythology, and connections to other subject areas.

Grades 4–8


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by Z. Hamby
on 6/23/2015
from Missouri
Great Ideas
Although I am a regular ELA teacher, this text has plenty of enrichment opportunities that I could use in my classroom. The text does a great job of highlighting why the Romans matter in the development modern culture. In today's world the influence of Greco-Roman society on our own is sometimes downplayed, but this unit provides an excellent way to make the cultural impact clear and relevant for young adult learners.
by Amy Stults
on 1/13/2014
from Ohio
Ancient Roots and Ruins
This fast paced, 9 week curriculum is designed for gifted or advanced children or those with complex thinking abilities. It was written to help children and families immerse themselves in the civilization that influenced our western world the most. 

What this book does:
-Teaches the *importance* of Latin.
-Teaches the linguistic structure of Latin.
-Explores the relationship of Latin to English.
-Shows the similarities and differences between ancient Rome and America. 
-Introduces us to Roman art.
-Delves into Roman history through six units of study: time, space, power, innovation, expression, and legacy. 
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