America’s Changing Attitude: Gifted Education
America’s Changing Attitude: Gifted Education
PUBLISHED: Tuesday, May 14, 2019 by Andilynn Feddeler

A report recently released by the Institute for Educational Advancement (IEA), detailing voters’ opinions about gifted education, has shown that the American public is increasingly in support of funding and resources for gifted students. Conducted in 2016, the poll serves as a tool for the gifted education community, offering recommendations about how to advocate for and discuss gifted students’ needs. The IEA has released both the full report and a poll summary for public use.

The poll began by asking participants about specific issues in the education system, how well schools address such issues, and what sectors of public education need the most attention. Findings showed that although most respondents initially favored focusing on other areas of education, support for gifted funding increased substantially as awareness was raised about the lack of resources for these students.

The major takeaway from this report is that, in order to support gifted education, teachers, parents, and administrators must come together to initiate a dialogue about advanced learners, how to identify them, and how to continue supporting them as their needs evolve. To change the public’s perception of educating gifted students, schools must directly express the benefits of helping these students reach their full potential, and how families can advocate for the cause in a way that truly makes a difference.

This report made clear that the public attitude toward gifted education is changing for the better. Respondents increasingly expressed interest in ensuring that programs are available to all qualified students, that teachers receive appropriate training, and that programs allow gifted students to learn in ways that best suit them individually. As the authors say—“America agrees: what benefits gifted youth benefits the nation.”