Author: Jerry Burkhart
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ISBN: 9781618212610
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Students become mathematical adventurers in these challenging and engaging activities designed to deepen and extend their understanding of concepts from the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics. The investigations in this book stretch students' mathematical imaginations to their limits as they explore mystifying patterns of colored blocks, analyze paths of pool balls, solve mathematical word puzzles, and unravel a baffling mathematical code. Each activity comes with detailed support for classroom implementation including learning goals, discussion guides, detailed solutions, and suggestions for extending the investigation. There is also a free supplemental e-book offering strategies for motivation, assessment, parent communication, and suggestions for using the materials in different learning environments.

Grades 5–8


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by Martha Palm
on 4/14/2015
from Minneapolis, MN
Advanced Common Core Math Explorations: Factors and Multiples
 What a delight to see the kids finally get a chance to think -- to finally use what they know to figure out what they don’t know. As a classroom teacher of the highly and profoundly gifted, I have found Jerry Burkhart’s book “Advanced Common Core Math Explorations Factors and Multiples” stunningly helpful. The joy of mathematics comes shining through especially starting with the lesson on prime numbers.  Yes, prime numbers.  Very, very cool.  He has this 100s chart half filled out with colored blocks.  The kids have to figure out what the blocks mean, and then fill out the rest of the chart.  You will FINALLY hear that happy excited buzz in your classroom as the kids are trying to figure out what in the world that beautiful chart means.  Even with my kids, it takes a while for them to sort it all out.  The lessons in this book are all easily usable with teacher plans you can skim and student pages to copy off.  You can use these at the last minute when you figure out that someone alre
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Review by: Wanda Milliman, Westgate High School - February 2, 2016
Students who have experience with tough puzzles like those in Factors and Multiples will get excited when making prior connections. Students may not only develop a feeling of accomplishment but also become leaders by helping their peers understand the material.

As students struggle through the factors of numbers, they will come across patterns, make predictions through the patterns, and finally test them. The explorations and puzzles ask students to work forward and backward. Different ways of thinking, diagraming, and finding answers will help the students master factoring at an incredibly high level.


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