Achieving Equity in Gifted Programming: The ABCs of Achieving Equity

April Wells, Author

Achieving Equity in Gifted Programming offers practical, research-based programming implementations to increase equity in gifted education and:

  • Helps educators understand diverse learners’ identification and needs.
  • Calls educators to act in response to the disproportionate participation of diverse students in gifted programs.
  • Builds off of research on talent development, cultural awareness, and social justice in education.
  • Tasks educators with exploring their own implicit and explicit biases.
  • Asks educators to focus on culturally responsive teaching.


Each chapter poses an opportunity for educators to address underrepresentation and their own understanding of culturally, linguistically, and economically diverse learners. Underrepresentation in gifted education can be addressed—it does not have to go on in perpetuity.

The ABCs of Achieving Equity

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