A Mother, a Daughter, and Dyslexia
A Mother, a Daughter, and Dyslexia
PUBLISHED: Monday, June 03, 2013 by Lacy Compton

As the mother of a young daughter, I can't help but find myself engrossed in and touched by stories of other parents and their children, like the one in a recent Huffington Post series on families with children with mental health or learning challenges. In this interview, Vanessa, now 26, and her mother, Liz, talk about Vanessa's struggles with dyslexia, particularly some of the everyday challenges she faced as a child (and still faces as an adult trying to go back to school).

One section of the interview particularly resonated with me, when Liz discussed how others reacted to their suggestions that Vanessa had a learning disability:

Liz: You know, there is a stigma, people who think, She doesn't see things backwards, that's just malarky. I had someone tell me once, "Oh, she's doing it for attention." No. It's not for attention. It's very real.

No, it's not for attention. It is real. And I know there are so many parents just like Liz facing similar issues, seeing the very real struggles their children have every day with simple tasks. Share this article with those parents; help them see they are not alone.