8 Ways to Continue Learning Through the Holidays at Home
8 Ways to Continue Learning Through the Holidays at Home
PUBLISHED: Monday, December 17, 2018 by Andilynn Feddeler

As winter break approaches, kids are getting antsy to take some time off of school and spend the holidays with family and friends, relaxing and playing. But just because school’s not in session doesn’t mean all learning has to stop! Parents, there are many fun activities kids can do throughout the break that engage their thinking skills without seeming like chores. These great ideas only scratch the surface of all of the possibilities for learning over the holidays.

  • Puzzles, puzzles, puzzles! Whether breaking in a new Sudoku book, putting together a beautiful jigsaw puzzle, or unscrambling letters and completing word searches, problem-solving activities are a great way to keep kids’ minds active.

  • Board games. Kids love playing games and often don’t even realize that they’re learning while doing them. Playing a round of Clue, Monopoly, Yahtzee, or any other card, dice, or board game can get kids (and adults) to polish their deep-thinking skills.

  • Craft it up. Cutting out snowflakes and painting pottery may seem like fun and games, but working on art projects develops kids’ creative abilities and expression. Plus, there’ll be more artwork to hang on the fridge!

  • Read a book. At a certain point in winter break, most kids get a little anxious and bored. What better way to pass the time than sitting down with an old classic or an exciting new read? When kids read, they get immersed in adventurous storylines and fantasy universes, all while improving their reading comprehension skills.

  • Head outside. Even when it’s cold out, fresh air and nature are really important for kids. So bundle up and take a hike, build a snowman, or run down to the nearest park to play.

  • Get cooking. Whether helping out with holiday dinner or cutting out gingerbread cookies, kids love getting their hands messy. Cooking and baking can help kids understand science and chemistry concepts, all while having fun and eating tasty food.

  • Keep a journal. Kids who express interest in writing or storytelling often benefit from writing their thoughts on a daily basis. With paper and pens, they can craft imaginative stories or learn things about themselves that they never knew.

  • Just have fun! No parent wants to see their kid waste a couple weeks by doing nothing but play video games and watch TV, but sometimes that’s what kids need to recharge and reward themselves for a good semester. Plus, some video games and shows can actually be educational. Regardless of what your kids and families do this break, enjoy it while it lasts, and have fun while learning and keeping your minds active.