8 Professional Learning Resources for a Successful School Year
8 Professional Learning Resources for a Successful School Year
PUBLISHED: Tuesday, August 27, 2019 by Andilynn Feddeler

Educators looking to change or improve their practices this school year can turn to the helpful resources and teaching strategies in these must-read books. These titles can help teachers provide authentic learning experiences and develop students’ grit, empathy, and more—all while making sure students at different ability levels are appropriately challenged. 

  • A Meaningful Mess offers suggestions and specific tools that can be used to engage this generation of students in meaningful, relevant, and student-driven learning experiences—even if things in the classroom may get messy, both literally and figuratively.

  • Teaching Empathy is the perfect resource to nurture perceptive, caring, diverse, and globally minded students. The book shows teachers how to create an environment of empathy and understanding for 21st-century students, using relevant research and advice for working with diverse students.

  • Assessment of Gifted and High-Ability Learners equips readers with the knowledge and skills to evaluate and document student progress using a cyclical systematic process. It connects classroom content with the assessment process and illustrates the best methods for evaluating gifted students based on standards in each content area.

  • Authentic Learning offers teaching strategies that allow educators to provide students with authentic learning experiences that they can apply to their lives in school—and beyond. Beginning with a justification for authentic learning and how it teaches 21st-century skills, each subsequent chapter discusses a specific strategy and how it allows for authenticity.

  • Strategies for Differentiating Instruction (3rd ed.) offers practical strategies that allow all students to learn at appropriately challenging levels and make continuous progress by focusing on their various levels of knowledge and readiness to learn. 

  • Curriculum Compacting (2nd ed.) introduces the strategies that teachers need to understand to adequately differentiate instruction for high-potential, highly motivated, and academically talented and gifted students. The book enables classroom teachers to streamline the regular curriculum, ensure students' mastery of basic skills, and provide time for stimulating enrichment and acceleration activities.

  • Grit in the Classroom assists educators in creating a learning environment that fosters grit development for all students, regardless of ability. In an era of talent development and the pursuit of excellence, learners must be equipped with the perseverance that is essential to reaching high levels of success. 

  • Best Practices for Professional Learning series. This three-book series (Vol. 3 coming soon) provides the reader with a foundation for designing and implementing effective professional development experiences for educators working with gifted learners. The authors provide specific tools and helpful resources related to several special populations and topics unique to the field.