8 Exciting (and Practical) Gifts for Grads
8 Exciting (and Practical) Gifts for Grads
PUBLISHED: Wednesday, May 01, 2019 by Andilynn Feddeler

As the school year comes to a close and seniors get prepared for graduation, friends and family start the search for those perfect graduation gifts that are not only fun, but actually useful. For those grads going off to college, it’s important that they have the tools they need to start this new chapter in their lives:

  • College apparel. If your grads know where they’re off to, consider getting them some themed clothes or decor. Shirts, hats, water bottles, and stickers all make great gifts that get students pumped and full of team spirit.

  • School supplies. Consider offering to pay for books or helping to pick out a sturdy backpack for the year. Finding the right planners and notebooks can help students feel prepared for the year to come. Getting students organized can be hard, but with the right tools, it is certainly an easier challenge to tackle.

  • Financial planning advice. Although many college students are not quite full “adults” yet, they will need to start saving money and putting it toward helpful, long-lasting things. Getting a student a nice wallet is great, but providing some tips on investing, saving, and spending can take that gift to the next (practical) level.

  • Books. Providing students with relatable, real-world content might help them get settled into their new routines. Books like College 101: A Girl’s Guide to Freshman Year and other humorous guides will have your kids thriving in their first year of college.

  • Dorm basics. Along with all of the furniture and decorations your student needs, don’t forget basic cleaning supplies, toolkit essentials, and kitchenware. Going into college without paper towels and disinfectant wipes would turn a dorm room into a disaster zone in no time.

  • Personalized gifts. Being homesick is almost inevitable, but having little hints of family and friends can help bridge the gap between college and home for many students. A picture frame for family photos or a blanket with a pet’s face on it can provide great comfort during those times.

  • Experiences. Concert tickets or a winter break vacation plan can help students look forward to exciting, new experiences (like college!). Getting students a nice set of luggage or a duffel bag can also help prepare them for their adventures in the real world.

  • Gift cards. One of the most sought-after graduation presents, gift cards allow students to decide on their own what they want and need. Retailers like Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Target, and IKEA have all the essentials—including dorm-ready accessories. Or, consider your students’ interests: There are thousands of gift card options for craft stores, beauty suppliers, clothing shops, and more.