6 Ways to Inspire Engaged Reading This Summer
6 Ways to Inspire Engaged Reading This Summer
PUBLISHED: Tuesday, June 04, 2019 by Andilynn Feddeler

Teachers and parents want nothing more than for their students to continue learning over the summer, but it’s hard to ensure that kids are motivated and engaged in their activities. Encouraging kids to take on new hobbies or setting them up at a summer camp are great ways to keep them from getting too bored, but when it comes to reading, simply assigning a list of books to read probably isn’t the best way to keep them interested in learning! Consider some of the following tools that help inspire students to read, and like it, too:

  • Read in different settings. Limiting reading to one room in the house or one time of day can take the fun out of adventuring into new stories, and turns reading into a chore rather than a reward. Take books to the park, to breakfast, or anywhere that feels right, and find what settings are most comfortable.

  • Don’t force kids to finish a book they don’t like. If a book isn’t required for school, and it’s simply too boring or hard to follow, there’s no shame in putting it down! Not every book is interesting to every reader, and that’s okay.

  • Take kids to the library or bookstore for a special trip. Bookstores can be a lot of fun for curious kids, and letting them see the variety of titles to choose shows them just how much there is left to discover.

  • Explore books of all levels and genres. Students won’t enjoy reading if they are pushed to only read books above their grade level or about things they’re “supposed” to like. Letting kids have the option to read an unconventional or simple book lets them know that they have a choice in their own learning, and that even the silliest books can be useful.

  • Let kids reread books as many times as they want. Everyone has a few favorites that they come back to time and again, and sometimes the thought of delving into a new title is a bit intimidating. As long as new books make their way into the rotation every so often, going back to old favorites is totally okay.

  • Read with each other. Kids look up to the adults in their lives, so it only makes sense to model the behaviors you want to inspire in them. Show kids what books you’re reading and spend time discussing different stories and authors to let them know that reading can be fulfilling at any stage of life!