6 Resources for Improving Equity in Gifted Programs
6 Resources for Improving Equity in Gifted Programs
PUBLISHED: Wednesday, February 03, 2021 by Andilynn Feddeler

One of the most pervasive issues in gifted education is the lack of accessibility and opportunity for students with nontraditional backgrounds. Improving equity and diversity in gifted programs starts with coordinators, administrators, and educators recognizing underrepresentation and evaluating their own understanding of culturally, linguistically, and economically diverse learners. Underrepresentation in gifted education can be addressed—and these resources can help coordinators take those first steps. 

  • Increasing Diversity in Gifted Education provides guidance for meeting the educational needs of high-potential students across many racial, ethnic, language, and economic groups as well as some categories of disability. Using this book, educators of high potential and gifted students from backgrounds that are traditionally underrepresented can guide these students to achieve and make significant contributions to all aspects of American society. 

  • Identifying and Supporting Gifted English Language Learners is a practical guide for identifying and supporting gifted English language learners (ELLs) based on research and firsthand teaching experience. This book will inspire action by key players in these students’ lives, including English language and gifted educators, classroom teachers, school administrators, district and state leaders, families, and the greater community.

  • Achieving Equity in Gifted Programming: Dismantling Barriers and Tapping Potential offers practical, research-based programming implementations to increase equity in gifted education and helps educators understand diverse learners’ identification and needs. The book builds off of research on talent development, cultural awareness, and social justice in education and asks educators to focus on culturally responsive teaching.
  • Recruiting and Retaining Culturally Different Students in Gifted Education addresses the need to provide academic, cultural, and social support to culturally different students. The book focuses on how to equitably recruit (screen, refer, and/or assess) culturally different students and, just as importantly, to retain them. 

  • Talent Development for English Language Learners offers concrete guidance to teachers, schools, and administrators seeking to maximize the potential of all of their students. The authors focus on what an “ideal” response might be from the lens of both the gifted education and the language education field, and how collaborative efforts across these perspectives yield effective interventions in schools and related educational settings for students who are both English language learners and highly academically able. 

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