5 Gifted Curriculum Resources for the New School Year
5 Gifted Curriculum Resources for the New School Year
PUBLISHED: Monday, July 20, 2020 by Andilynn Feddeler

These curriculum units for gifted and advanced students will take a bit of stress out of preparing for the new school year. 

  • Math Curriculum for Gifted Students. Developed by the Center for Gifted Education at William & Mary, these lessons, activities, and extensions will help advanced students in grades 3–6 extend their mathematical thinking beyond the general curriculum.

  • University of Virginia Language Arts Units for Gifted Students. Using the CLEAR curriculum, students in grade 3 will explore poetry and fairy tales; students in grade 4 will dive into fiction and nonfiction; and students in grade 5 will engage in research and rhetoric.

  • Advanced Curriculum by Vanderbilt University. Students in grades 2–8 are tasked with comprehending primary source documents, poetry, prose, nonfiction texts, videos, and other media; evaluating arguments; utilizing thinking and communication skills; and connecting conceptual generalizations from crosscurricular themes.

  • Inquiry-Based Lessons in U.S. and World History. Students in grades 5–8 will learn United States history through inquiry; students in grades 7–10 will learn to create global connections through two volumes of world history.
  • Jacob’s Ladder Reading Comprehension Program. High-ability learners will develop reading comprehension skills through an inquiry process from basic understanding to critical analyses of texts. Student workbooks are available for all levels of Jacob’s Ladder. 

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