4 Resources for Teaching Students Cognitive and Social-Emotional Skills
4 Resources for Teaching Students Cognitive and Social-Emotional Skills
PUBLISHED: Monday, October 05, 2020 by Andilynn Feddeler

Making connections, problem solving, and maintaining a growth mindset are essential for student success in today’s world. Help students develop social-emotional skills and learn to empathize with others with the lessons, activities, and strategies in these books. 

  • Brain-Based Learning With Gifted Students (grades 3–6) combines relevant research in neuroscience with engaging activities for gifted elementary students. Through the lessons in this book, students will learn how to cultivate curiosity, neuroplasticity, metacognition, empathy, and well-being.

  • Ready-to-Use Resources for Mindsets in the Classroom provides educators with tools they need to help students change their thinking about their abilities and potential. This book is perfect for schools looking to implement the ideas in Mindsets in the Classroom so that they can build a growth mindset learning environment. 

  • Teaching Empathy: Strategies for Building Emotional Intelligence in Today’s Students guides teachers to create and maintain classrooms in which students are sensitive to the needs of others. With its focus on creating positive change in students and classrooms, Teaching Empathy is the perfect resource to nurture perceptive, caring, diverse, and globally minded students.

  • Creating Kind and Compassionate Kids (grades 3–6) offers lessons and activities that promote problem solving and social-emotional learning, allowing students to become more aware of themselves and others who share their world. With its focus on relevant, lasting learning experiences that encourage social and emotional growth, Creating Kind and Compassionate Kids is a resource that teachers will turn to again and again.