4 Reasons to Allow Kids to Play Video Games This Summer
4 Reasons to Allow Kids to Play Video Games This Summer
PUBLISHED: Wednesday, June 13, 2018 by Andilynn Feddeler

Video games are fun, exciting ways to explore new realities and narratives, and when played in moderation, can actually improve many cognitive skills in developing young minds. Parents often worry about their kids becoming too absorbed in these artificial worlds or getting negatively influenced by the violent aspects of the games, which are valid concerns. Social isolation and violent tendencies as the result of video games have been discussed in depth, with strong arguments and evidence from both sides of the debate. But there are many positives to playing video games that are less commonly discussed:

  • Kids who don’t have as many opportunities to socialize in real life can make friendships and communicate with others who share their interests over these games. This is helpful for kids who don’t feel as comfortable talking to people in person, and can develop social skills needed to have those interactions.

  • The detail-oriented nature of video games can help kids become better at paying attention and finding what’s important, even when distracted by other stimuli. This, in turn, can improve a child’s ability to multitask, because there are often many things happening at once that a player must consider. This greater ability to pay attention has also been shown to combat dyslexia in people who play video games.

  • Decision making and problem-solving skills are also enhanced through playing video games, because players face numerous high-stakes situations nearly every time they play. This ability to think quickly becomes useful in the classroom and real-life situations where one must come to possible solutions in a matter of seconds.

  • There are so many confusing buttons on a gaming controller, and learning how to effectively use them without even looking can improve the brain’s potential for hand-eye coordination, which becomes useful in sports and doing certain assignments in class.

These are only a few of the many benefits of video games. There are plenty of other possibilities that can arise from playing! However, it’s important that video games are played in moderation and are balanced with other activities.