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Each book in the 10 Performance-Based Projects series provides 10 ready-made projects designed to help students achieve higher levels of thinking and develop 21st-century skills. Projects are aligned to the Common Core State Standards, allowing students to explore and be creative as well as gain enduring understanding. Each project represents a type of performance assessment, including portfolios, oral presentations, research papers, and exhibitions. Included for each project is a suggested calendar to allow teacher scheduling, mini-lessons that allow students to build capacity and gain understanding, as well as multiple rubrics to objectively assess student performance. The lessons are presented in an easy-to-follow format, enabling teachers to implement projects immediately.

Grades 3–5

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by CMC
on 12/27/2016
from Solon, OHIO
Great Resource for PBL
I have always wanted to incorporate more projects into my classroom to engage students in what they are learning, to make the learning relevant and to add 21st-Century learning skills.   This book has been very helpful to me.  Not only does it provide 10 ready project-based learning units, but it also makes it easy to use the same types of projects with other content.  For each unit, Todd Stanley provides a motivating and engaging idea to jump start the unit, a timeline, teaching information for the skills, a rubric and all the information needed for each type of project. In addition to teaching my students the content through these projects, along the way they also learn about what is needed for a good speech and debate, presentation, interview, etc.  
For example, in learning about volume, students designed their own waterpark and then gave a speech to present it to “investors” to convince them to build the student designed waterpark. Resources and links were given for good speaches.
by Katie
on 11/21/2016
from Marietta, OH
PBL with ease
Todd Stanley's books are easy to follow. They are laid out well, and cover all the bases. If you are getting a push (or the urge) to do Project based learning in your classroom, these books are a tremendous help. I took a PBL class that was very open ended, and although open ended can be okay in the right circumstance, having a wonderful resource like this takes a lot of the fear out of PBL. 
by Patty
on 11/21/2016
from Cincinnati, Ohio
Amazing Resource
This is an amazing resource to use on your first attempt of implementing this teaching strategy.  If your dream is to engage every level of learner in your math classroom then this is a must have.  He has done all of the prep work necessary.  You can use as is or manipulate to meet your needs.  A Performance-Based Project aligned with your mini-lessons helps you to meet all learners where they are and grow them!
by Holly
on 10/19/2016
from Painesville
gifted intervention specialist
A great resource for teachers who are trying to implement math projects into their classroom!The book is set up in a teacher-friendly format. Really like the project rubrics and the suggested timelines!
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Review by: Shelli Casler-Failing, Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School - April 1, 2017
The projects, although providing excellent ideas and strategies, are best suited to be add-ons to current content; however, the peer reviews and student reflections can be beneficial tools in the classroom at any time. I believe this book could be useful for teachers wanting to add depth to their mathematics curricula.
Review: Mindprint Learning - October 17, 2016
This teacher’s math workbook is part of the 10 Performance-Based Projects series which provides good opportunities for advanced learners to integrate their math learning with other 21st century skills, including flexible thinking, collaboration and presentation . . . For teachers interested in adding some additional hands-on activities to their math curriculum, this workbook can be useful resource to use with some classes of students.

Full review available at Mindprint Learning

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