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Writing Your Life: A Guide to Writing Autobiographies (4th ed.)

Author: Mary Borg
Product Code: 265
ISBN: 978-1-61821-026-5
Pages: 208
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To many, the task of writing about one’s life seems daunting and difficult. Where does one begin? What stories will inspire your children and grandchildren, and which will simply amuse them? Writing Your Life: A Guide to Writing Autobiographies breaks down the barriers of personal narrative with an easy-to-follow guide that includes thought-provoking questions, encouraging suggestions, memory-jogging activities, tips for writing, advice on publishing one’s stories in print and online, and examples of ordinary people’s writing. Writing Your Life has already helped thousands write their life stories, and this fourth edition is sure to help today’s writers preserve their memories and wisdom for many generations to come.


Review by: Stacey Rae Brownlie, Library Journal - April 1, 2013
In this updated edition of her 1998 how-to, Borg continues her more than 20-year mission to introduce senior citizens to the joys of writing their personal histories. The book, which was developed from class materials early in her workshop career, walks readers through the practical elements of writing a life story . . . VERDICT This title is ideal for those who want some basic help in getting their life story on paper, whether simply for the benefit of friends and family or for a broader public.
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