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When Gifted Students Underachieve: What You Can Do About It (The Practical Strategies Series in Gifted Education)

Series: The Practical Strategies Series in Gifted Education
Author: Sylvia Rimm Ph.D.   Editors: Frances A. Karnes Ph.D., Kristen R. Stephens Ph.D.
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ISBN: 978-1-59363-193-2
Pages: 72
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Underachievement in gifted students has long puzzled teachers, parents, and students themselves. For gifted underachievers to change their habits and begin to succeed in school, educators must take action to identify, challenge, and motivate these kids. Sylvia Rimm, one of the leading experts in the underachievement of gifted students, looks at the various causes of underachievement, discusses the characteristics of gifted underachievers, and provides educators with solid advice on combating underachievement in this population. This guide offers guidance for understanding the pressures students face in school and at home, motivating students for success, adjusting curriculum to engage these students, improving the self-concept of students, and working with parents to reverse the patterns of underperformance.

This is one of the books in Prufrock Press' popular Practical Strategies Series in Gifted Education. This series offers a unique collection of tightly focused books that provide a concise, practical introduction to important topics concerning the education of gifted children. The guides offer a perfect beginner's introduction to key information about gifted and talented education.

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