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The Handbook of Secondary Gifted Education

Editors: Felicia A. Dixon Ph.D., Sidney M. Moon Ph.D.
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ISBN: 978-1-59363-178-9
Pages: 712
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This ground-breaking textbook is designed to help education professionals interested in building effective and comprehensive educational opportunities for gifted secondary students.

This book offers an in-depth, research-based look at ways schools and classrooms can support the development of gifted adolescents. The Handbook of Secondary Gifted Education is the most comprehensive critical resource on this topic available.

Each chapter of this educational resource is written by leading scholars and researchers in the field, including education leaders such as Nicholas Colangelo, Susan Assouline, Sally Reis, Donna Ford, Joyce VanTassel-Baska, Carolyn Callahan, and many more.

Topics include:
  • understanding the gifted adolescent,
  • social/emotional issues,
  • adolescent issues,
  • best practices for curriculum and instruction and programming options (both schoolwide and in specific subject areas),
  • teacher education, and
  • professional development.
The purpose of the book is to provide a research-based handbook that views gifted adolescents and their needs as the starting point for building an effective, integrated educational program.

Educational Resource

A service publication of the National Association for Gifted Children (Washington, DC)

This designation indicates that this book has been jointly developed with NAGC and that this book passes the highest standards of scholarship, research, and practice.


Review by: Joanne Foster, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education - January 1, 2008
The Handbook of Secondary Gifted Education covers an impressive range of topics, and facilitates understanding of adolescent development, schooling, and gifted-related issues. It should be in every pedagogical library and, ideally, on every educator's bookshelf.
Review: Davidson Institute for the Gifted - January 1, 2006
The Handbook of Secondary Gifted Education is a highly readable collection of scholarship with contributions from several leading researchers and theorists in the field . . . The text, divided into twenty-five chapters and four major sections, offers a comprehensive examination of the complex intersections between secondary education, adolescence and giftedness . . . The scope is ambitious yet at no point does the text lose sight of the theoretical cohesion or practical applicability that characterize genuinely inspired interpretations of research. Regardless of whether or not a reader shares all of the views presented by these authors, he or she will undoubtedly come away from this book feeling considerably more informed about the central issues of gifted secondary education and more capable of serving the needs of gifted adolescents.
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