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SIGS Home Rating Scale Forms (25 Forms)

Authors: Gail R. Ryser Ph.D., Kathleen McConnell Ph.D.
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ISBN: 978-1-59363-426-1
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This is a set of 25 Home Rating Scale Forms for use with the SIGS.

Note: This item is only available for shipping to educational institutions.

Scales for Identifying Gifted Students (SIGS) offers the most comprehensive observational instrument available for identifying gifted students, ages 5-18. Used as part of a comprehensive process for identifying gifted children, SIGS offers schools an instrument with extensive statistical and research support. This standardized, norm-referenced instrument is completed by teachers or parents and provides an effective method for identifying gifted children.

The SIGS consists of two rating scales that can be used together or independently (a Home Rating Scale and a School Rating Scale). Additionally a Spanish-speaking version of the Home Rating Scale is included free with the kit. The SIGS is composed of seven scales: 1) general intellectual ability; 2) language arts; 3) mathematics; 4) science; 5) social studies; 6) creativity; and 7) leadership.

Each scale contains 12 items that are rated using a Likert-type scale. The items were chosen from a comprehensive body of research concerning the characteristics of gifted students.
The SIGS was normed on a total sample of more than 3,600 students (1,721 normal students and 1,884 gifted students). Norms are provided for both samples. As such, SIGS offers schools an observational scale with the largest, most diverse norming sample and statistical support of any gifted identification observational instrument available.

The potential bias of every item on the test on the basis of gender and ethnic group was studied. Only nonbiased items are included in the SIGS. Thus, schools using the SIGS can be assured that the instrument has no gender or ethnic group bias.

Average internal consistency reliability exceeds .90 for all scales for both the normal and gifted norming samples. Validity of the instrument has been established with its correlations to the WISC-III, Otis Lennon School Ability Index, and the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking-Figural..

Because the SIGS offers the most advanced and comprehensive statistical support of any observational identification instrument in the field, it should be a part of every school's comprehensive approach to identifying gifted children.
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