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Quotation Quizzlers: Puzzling Your Way Through Famous Quotations

Author: Philip A. Steinbacher
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ISBN: 978-1-59363-101-7
Pages: 64
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Most of us have been inspired by the famous—and not-so-famous—words of figures from history, but what if there were a way to gain a deeper understanding of what’s been said and who said it? The thoughts of Albert Einstein, Helen Keller, Gandhi, and Maya Angelou touch everyone. Quotation Quizzlers takes 50 inspiring quotations and turns them into critical thinking puzzles. The result? A little leisure time that not only challenges the intellect, but touches the heart as well.

Each Quotation Quizzler consists of a blank grid with scrambled letters placed in vertical columns beneath the squares of the grid. Unscrambled, the letters fill in the spaces on the grid and spell out a quotation. The unscrambling, however, requires exercising a few of students’ toughest mental muscles—critical thinking, deductive reasoning, logic, and word analysis, among others. Once they’re completed and the sweaty brow is wiped, what’s left is a whole lot of relief and a decent helping of inspiration!

The quotations used in Quotation Quizzlers span a variety of topics from art, to sports, to history, and cover a range of themes from friendship to integrity. Each Quotation Quizzler has an accompanying short biography, which provides concise, factual information about the figure quoted.

Grades 4–6
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