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Multicultural Gifted Education (2nd ed.)

Author: Donna Y. Ford Ph.D.
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ISBN: 978-1-59363-699-9
Pages: 360
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Each year, the United States witnesses significant changes in the demographics of its citizens. Accordingly, schools—and the students we teach—are also changing. With such changes come the need, responsibility, and obligation for educators to provide students with an education that is both rigorous and culturally responsive. This book bridges the gap that exists between educating advanced learners and educating culturally different learners. Multicultural Gifted Education, 2nd ed. addresses various topics, including racially and culturally diverse students and families, historical and legal perspectives on educating gifted and minority students, culturally responsive curriculum and assessment, and counseling students from a multicultural perspective.


Review by: Jared Lancer, Ed.D. - November 28, 2011
Considerably then, school and district teacher and leadership teams hold a priceless opportunity here to use this text as a reliable and trusted source of guidance for reexamining, revising and/or developing frameworks, systems and processes for enriching the quality of student learning based on a more profound purpose, deeper commitment to and understanding of what it means to genuinely pursue ?excellence? for all students and what it will take to ensure.
Review by: James A. Cox, Midwest Book Review - September 15, 2011
Donna Y. Ford is a professor of Education and human development, and uses her expertise to tackle many issues that come in today's diverse classrooms. Multicultural Gifted Education is a strongly recommended pick for any educational leader, highly recommended.
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