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I Believe in Unicorns: Classroom Experiences for Activating Creative Thinking

Author: Bob Stanish
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ISBN: 978-1-882664-43-6
Pages: 112
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Take your students on an imagination journey! Filled with thrilling activities that build creativity in your students, I Believe in Unicorns is a must have for teachers interested in encouraging imaginative thinking. Get an elephant down from a tree, build a monstrous (and odorous) "smelt," evaluate the job performance of an octopus who moonlights as a lifeguard, or remove a porcupine from your lunchbox! Activities like these will challenge your students' creativity and imagination.

I Believe in Unicorns offers fun, exciting activities designed to encourage creativity and imagination among children in grades K–4. Written by a master of creativity teaching, this book offers activities that strengthen the skills essential for creative thought—fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration.

This book was meant to be torn apart! Each student activity page was designed for duplication so that it can be used by individuals or the entire class. Mix these activities in with other classroom learning projects. Most of the adventures involve writing. However, it is important that open-ended discussion and brainstorming be frequently incorporated into these activities.

Grades K–4
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