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Get Into College in 3 Months or Less

Authors: Doug Hewitt, Robin Hewitt
Product Code: 4331
ISBN: 978-1-59363-433-9
Pages: 150
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Each year, thousands of parents find themselves in a frantic scramble to help their child get into college at the last minute. Cutting through the anxiety and frustration, Get Into College in 3 Months or Less offers the perfect last-minute rescue to ensuring college entrance. Filled with insider tips and tricks, this book is ideal for parents and their kids who are too busy to spend hours combing through university brochures or filling in applications and need to complete the college admission process fast.

By utilizing techniques practiced by college counselors across the nation, parents and students can find pertinent information on universities online, discover how to get financial aid quickly, create templates for filling out applications, and develop successful essays that can be used again and again! The authors also offer last-minute strategies for winning scholarships and grants. Get Into College in 3 Months or Less is sure to become an essential handbook for teenagers and their parents and counselors everywhere!


Review: Today's Books - April 4, 2011
Named to the A-List, Today's Books Daily Book Register
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