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College Planning for Gifted Students: Choosing and Getting Into the Right College (3rd ed.)

Author: Sandra L. Berger
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ISBN: 978-1-59363-181-9
Pages: 248
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College Planning for Gifted Students: Choosing and Getting Into the Right College is a must-have for any gifted or advanced learner planning to attend college. Sandra Berger, a nationally recognized expert on college and career planning for gifted students, provides a hands-on, practical guide to college planning in this revised volume of the best-selling College Planning for Gifted Students book.

Berger leads students through the college planning process, moving from self-exploration, to college matching, to the application process. She focuses specifically on helping gifted students discover who they are, and how that discovery corresponds to finding the perfect postsecondary endeavor. The author also provides useful, practical advice for writing college application essays, requesting recommendation letters, visiting colleges, and acing the college entrance interview.

Throughout the book, helpful timelines and checklists are provided to give students and their parents, teachers, and counselors assistance in planning for and choosing the right college. An extensive resource section is also included, with information about the SAT and ACT, early entrance programs, and a sample college application.

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Read an Interview With the Author

Sandra L. Berger, former guru for the Ask ERIC and USA Today gifted education hotlines, discusses what every parent, teacher, or counselor of gifted students needs to know to help their bright students plan for and get into college. Tips for choosing a college and advice for making the right match are included. To read a transcript of her interview, click here.


Review by: James Cox, Midwest Book Review - October 8, 2006
College Planning for Gifted Students: Choosing and Getting Into the Right College is a top pick in its updated third edition, which helps students and their families plan for the best. From writing college application essays and requesting recommendation letters to visiting, assessing, and selecting the right college, chapters are packed with tips on overcoming common barriers.
Review by: Morgan Johnson-Doyle, Sierra High School - January 1, 2010
This comprehensive guide is appropriate for all motivated students, not just those labeled "gifted." Other than the chapter entitled "Planning for Gifted Students: What Makes Them Different?" the book offers up suggestions, inventories, and checklists that are important for all college-bound teens. Of particular interest may be the sections on gifted students with disabilities and homeschoolers. Berger walks college-hopefuls through every step, from making an educational plan in seventh grade, to writing a successful essay, asking for letters of recommendation, and making the final choice. The book includes a glossary of college-planning terms, appendixes of early-entrance programs, Web sites, ACT/SAT hints and resources, a junior-year planning checklist, and contests and competitions.
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