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The staff at Prufrock Press strives to ensure that our readers love the books we publish. From unique ideas for the classroom, to trusted textbooks in gifted education, to an award-winning children’s magazine, our products reflect our staff's varied experiences in education, editing, design, and customer service. When a reader holds a book by Prufrock Press, he or she knows that the information found in that book truly reflects the needs of teachers and parents of gifted, advanced, and special needs learners.

Editorial and Marketing Office, Austin, TX
Joel McIntosh, Publisher
Joel McIntosh, Publisher

Right out of college, I took a job as a high school English teacher in a little rural community in Texas. At some point after my first couple of years there, my principal asked me to participate in developing a program for our gifted students. A group of other teachers who were building the program and I began looking for materials and ideas that were practical and challenged our brightest students. As a group, we attended several gifted education conferences and discovered lots of teachers who were presenting about great ideas and innovative classroom practices. At the time, I remember thinking, “Someone needs to pull together these ideas and get them in the hands of others.” At some point, I realized that “someone” could be me. Prufrock Press didn’t become a realized dream for a few more years. I continued teaching and completed a master’s degree in gifted education at Baylor University. All the while, I was laying the foundations of Prufrock Press—more as a hobby at first—as a service to my fellow teachers. However, once I finished my graduate work, I made Prufrock Press my full-time profession. The positive impact I am able to make through the work we do at Prufrock Press is an ongoing source of pride for me. Although we’ve expanded our focus to include support for parents and kids with special needs, the original mission to share “great ideas and innovative classroom practices” is as vibrant today as it was more than 25 years ago.

Lacy Compton, Senior Editor
Lacy Compton

Lacy Compton joined Prufrock Press in 2005 after working as a marketing assistant and university newspaper editor in Waco, TX. Combining those experiences, she currently serves Prufrock by editing the company’s trade books and organizing promotions for all of Prufrock’s titles. She loves watching a book develop from a spark of an idea to a finished product to a best-selling title. Lacy received her bachelor’s degree in journalism from Baylor University and her master’s degree in English, with a specialization in children’s literature, from Texas State University. Outside of Prufrock, she instructs distance-learning courses in children’s literature to fourth and fifth graders through Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth. Lacy lives in Austin with her husband, daughter, yellow lab, mountains of children’s books, and many unfinished sewing and crafting projects.

Katy McDowall, Assistant Editor and Permissions Coordinator
Katy McDowall

Katy McDowall joined Prufrock in August 2014. As an assistant editor, she edits manuscripts, develops projects with current and potential authors, manages and edits Creative Kids magazine, and conceptualizes new books and education resources. After graduating in May 2012 from Baylor University with a degree in journalism, Katy moved to Austin to earn her master’s degree in journalism at the University of Texas. Her past experience includes working in university communications and writing, editing, and designing for print and online publications. In her free time, Katy enjoys exploring Austin, the occasional Netflix binge, sitting down with a good book, and spending time with friends and family.

Stephanie McCauley, Editorial Assistant
Stephanie McCauley

Stephanie McCauley joined Prufrock Press in January 2016. As an editorial assistant, she copyedits manuscripts, writes blog posts, and helps market the company’s books and materials. After graduating from Southwestern University with a degree in English, Stephanie went on to pursue her master’s degree in creative writing at Eastern Washington University. There she served as poetry editor for the literary journal Willow Springs and taught English composition classes to undergraduate students. She has also worked as a writing consultant, essay specialist, and English tutor. She is thrilled to combine her teaching and editing experience with the team at Prufrock. When not reading or writing, Stephanie spends her time watching movies with friends and dreaming about her future pet corgi.

Raquel Trevino, Senior Graphic Designer and Print Production Specialist
Raquel Trevino

Raquel Trevino stepped into a busy position when she joined Prufrock Press as the company’s Production Coordinator and only in-house graphic designer in the fall of 2010. As she puts it, there’s “never a dull moment” working for Prufrock. Raquel designs all of the company’s beautiful covers, book layouts, and marketing materials, in addition to coordinating with freelance designers and illustrators and keeping the editors on schedule for production deadlines. With more than 15 years of design and print production experience and a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Savannah College of Art and Design, Raquel has been vital in re-energizing the design concept of Prufrock’s product line. Outside of work, Raquel loves having the opportunity to make things beautiful, dabbling in all forms of arts and crafts from crocheting to quilting. She’s also the Austin office’s unofficial party planner!

Allegra Denbo, Graphic Designer
Allegra Denbo

Allegra Denbo joined the company in Spring 2013 as the junior graphic designer. Utilizing her bachelor’s of fine arts degree in communication design from Texas Tech University, she designs marketing materials and book layouts, formats electronic books, prepares book samples, and fulfills image requests. She loves the challenging and collaborative environment at Prufrock, where she has the freedom to hone her creative intuitions. Having wanted to be a teacher before discovering graphic design, Allegra’s past experience includes various volunteer positions at youth camps and primary schools since high school. When not reading favorites Sherlock Holmes or Pride and Prejudice, Allegra is a hopeless science fiction junkie who is also a travel lover, crafting addict, and self-proclaimed movie critic.

Business Office, Waco, TX
Ginny Bates, Office Manager
Ginny Bates

As the Office Manager, Ginny Bates is a key part of Prufrock Press, managing many of the company’s day-to-day business needs including royalties, accounts payable, and inventory control. Having worked at Prufrock for more than 20 years, Ginny obviously enjoys her job, but her favorite part has been the opportunity to work under “a great boss who sets the tone for a great working atmosphere where everyone works together and everyone matters.” Originally from Rhode Island, Ginny lived in Texas for the past 30 years and has recently relocated to Kansas, where she paints, reads, and spends time with her family and friends. Having once tried her hand at substitute teaching for a first-grade class, Ginny gives teachers “applause for their hard work and dedication.”

Shannon Gross, Customer Service
Shannon Gross

Shannon Gross joined Prufrock Press more than 9 years ago, where she serves as the company’s friendly voice for customers’ needs. Shannon also processes all of Prufrock’s many book orders. What she likes most about working at Prufrock is that the staff works together so well that it feels like family. Shannon currently lives in Hewitt, TX, with her husband and two daughters. There, she likes to hang out with her family and read (she especially loves the Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers).

Elizabeth Trout, Customer Service
Elizabeth Trout

Elizabeth Trout joined Prufrock’s customer service team in January 2015. Elizabeth helps with many customer needs and also manages the subscriptions of Creative Kids. Elizabeth loves being a mom to her two teenage children. She is active in her church and is a serious fan of movies and books.